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HFR Solutions CIC have made 13,037 People Safer


Your Current Safety Provision

Incidents and emergencies can occur in a moment and if they do, immediate response can make the difference between life and death for any casualty or personnel.

















It is essential that you have identified if your current safety and rescue provision is suitable and sufficient for the level of risk an employee may encounter and for the risk profile of your site, operation and project. If you require further support and a dedicated team of rescue and safety professionals, HFR Solutions CIC can assist by completing a risk assessment, method statement and, where required, a rescue plan to cover your activities. Once complete and prior to work starting, the HFR Solutions CIC team leader will brief your workers to ensure that everyone fully understands the actions needed to be taken in the event of an incident. If practical to do so, we will also undertake an exercise to test your rescue plans and ensure that everyone is fully conversant with their roles and responsibilities.

IEC (Immediate Emergency Care) Trained Emergency Response Professionals

When an incident occurs, your site based operational and health and safety teams will be safe in the knowledge that our rescue and safety team will be ready to execute an immediate response, reducing potential consequences and minimising personal injuries. All HFR Solutions CIC rescue teams will contain at least one team member who is IEC (Immediate emergency care) trained and qualified.

Rescue Plans & Equipment

All HFR Solutions CIC safety and rescue teams come completely self-sufficient with rescue equipment, medical equipment and fire extinguishers.

An Emergency Response Team will test your rescue plans and assess whether the level of risk changes as a project progresses. They will also test if your organisation holds the competency levels to execute the first phase of the rescue plan.

A rescue and safety team will take into account the following factors and elements of your rescue plan;

  • Will they understand the risk needs of the rescue plan?
  • Are sufficient people employed to meet the needs of the rescue plan?
  • Are personnel within the environment competent?
  • Will they fully understand the scope of work outside the rescue? Is it compliant with safer system of works, when undertaking work at height?
  • Is the available rescue and safety equipment suitable and sufficient?






















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