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HFR Solutions CIC have made 13,037 People Safer

About HFR Solutions CIC

HFR Solutions CIC is a full-service risk prevention and emergency response provider based in East Riding of Yorkshire and North Lincolnshire. We deliver emergency response planning, risk assessment, bespoke safety training, safety interventions and on-site emergency response to established and emerging industry.

HFR Solutions CIC purpose built training centre based at Humberside Fire & Rescue HeadquartersHFR Solutions CIC was established in 2012 as a community interest company to take the skills, knowledge, and expertise of Humberside Fire and Rescue Service (HFRS) to the commercial sector, with the vision of enabling our business partners and community to be safer, every single day. All surplus profit we generate is reinvested in pursuit of this vision, either directly into our business, in Humberside Fire & Rescue Services or into the community in the form of grants or through funding initiatives.

Our main service provision comprises of various elements of risk prevention and emergency response service, these include:  

Tailored Emergency Preparedness & Response Services

A client can choose to have a tailored risk assessment of their organisation before receiving the appropriate solution to address the risk(s) identified, or they can simply employ the services of HFR Solutions CIC to deliver the emergency response planning, safety training, safety interventions or on-site emergency response level that they require to make their organisation a safer place to work.