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HFR Solutions CIC have made 13,037 People Safer


HFR Solutions & HOTA - Working together to deliver the very best in safe training and emergency response planning.

HFR Solutions CIC operates a strategic partnership and shared values with oil and gas local training specialist HOTA. Both organisations knowledge, insight, expertise and experience in the delivery of high-quality bespoke safety training makes our partnership a perfect fit and ensures our clients have access to an excessive range of training packages that meet their requirements.

GWO Accredited Training Courses

Collectively, we are able to deliver bespoke safety training accredited by leading industry bodies such as RUK (Renewables UK) and GWO (Global Wind Organisation) and our organisations possess the flexibility to meet your bespoke training needs.

HOTA - Brief History

As a Limited Company with Charity Status, HOTA was born out of a Local Collaborative Project in 1987, when large Oil & Gas Companies such as Conoco, British Gas and BP, who were previously sending their personnel to Scotland or Norfolk for nationally approved training, wanted to establish a more local training facility. As a result, HOTA was established by the Industry for the Industry and, in during those early days offered just six, nationally approved, courses for the offshore Industry.

For almost 30 years HOTA has been delivering high-quality training to the oil and gas sectors. It is renowned for its flexibility and its highly trained team of professional trainers delivering courses when, where and how they are required. Through diversification and industries ever- changing needs HOTA now trains over 8,000 delegates annually and offers in excess of 100 courses in Offshore, Maritime, Renewable, Electrical, Emergency Response, First Aid and Health & Safety.

Karen Shepherd, General Manager at HOTA said: "This is an excellent opportunity for two highly professional local companies to collaborate and offer their expertise from the maritime and offshore industries, and the fire and rescue service, to various sectors ".

A Limited Company with charity status, all surplus funds generated are ploughed back into enhancing its purpose-built training facilities based in Hull at The Cullen and The Ellis Buildings in Malmo Road and Albert Dock Sites.

HOTA now delivers a vast array of safety training courses from accredited electrical and mechanical, health and safety training to maritime, offshore and renewables training courses.

No matter what training requirements your organisation has, both HFR Solutions CIC and HOTA have the industry knowledge, experienced instructors and facilities to deliver best practice training that helps your delegates and trainees competence levels increase and will feel confidence enough to apply these new skills learned at their place of work.