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HFR Solutions CIC have made 13,037 People Safer

British Steel

Company Details

HFR Solutions CIC delivers Emergency Response provision and on-site emergency teams for British Steel, based in Scunthorpe.

Study Requirements

The contract provides a dedicated and professional emergency service for the site, comprising a crewed fire appliance and ambulance to the same specifications as that of the Local Authority Emergency Services.  


Being focused on prevention and protection as much as response and recovery, HFR Solutions have been proactive in working in partnership with the British management team to provide a 24/7 service which not only responds to an emergency but which minimises incidents and maximises productivity. This approach aligns to the Health and Safety Management system at British Steel to ensure that collectively the plants on the site understand their risk profiles and credible scenarios which could potentially occur, along with the implementation of control measures such as education, training, and preparation for such events.  

This approach has already paid dividends where the identified credible scenarios have come to reality. Due to the preparatory work already conducted each such incident has been dealt with efficiently and effectively ensuring the safety of the personnel concerned was never in question and took primacy. Moreover, the downtime for productivity was minimised due to an excellent working partnership by both plant and emergency service. In addition to the proactive emergency response provision, HFR Solutions has also implemented an inspection and testing regime at British Steel for emergency planning, safety and ancillary equipment, assessments of risk from fire and working at height and within confined spaces.

This proactive partnership approach to emergency response and risk prevention has seen a marked reduction in emergency incidents attended by the Local Authority Emergency Services and improvements in safety awareness overall across the steelworks site.

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