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HFR Solutions CIC have made 13,037 People Safer

DFDS Seaways

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HFR Solutions supports DFDS Seaways in the drive to improve medical response to site-based incidents

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HFR Solutions has a long-standing, collaborative relationship with DFDS Seaways in Immingham to raise the standards and competence of their emergency response teams in both technical rescue and medical response. DFDS Seaways is Europe’s largest shipping and logistics company and undertakes significant operations at Immingham Docks.

DFDS Seaways is Europe's largest shipping company

Emergency incidents occur in docks due to the heavy nature of the tasks undertaken | HFR Solutions supports DFDS with medical response & technical rescueSite-Specific Risk

Emergency incidents occur in docks due to the heavy nature of the tasks undertaken and the increased risk in such locations. There have been cases of major trauma, entrapments, crushing, critical medical incidents as well as rescues from height and confined spaces recorded in this environment, across the country.


HFR Solutions was approached by DFDS initially to review their current Confined Space response and to train responders to be able to operate safely in these conditions, as well as undertake safe and effective rescues in difficult circumstances and hard to reach areas of the site.

Following several meetings with the DFDS Health and Safety team, HFR Solutions was able to review the existing provision and historic data at Immingham, as well as conduct a site-wide assessment to ascertain credible scenarios that rescue teams may encounter. This allowed HFR Solutions to formulate a proposal detailing not only the level of competency that on-site teams should be trained to, but also a methodology for their mobilisation and the equipment that would be suitable for the team to carry.

The skills and equipment that First Responders carry on site, together with the robust mobilisation strategy means that DFDS has been able to offer the very best level of care possible to their staff, contractors and visitors.

Rob Granger, Medical & Workplace Safety Area Lead at HFR Solutions comments “The team at DFDS has been very supportive of the recommendations put forward in the site wide assessment. The implementation of initiatives such as mobile defibrillators and the mobilisation of a radio communications strategy, has resulted in quicker response times”.


From major trauma, entrapments, crushing, critical medical incidents as well as rescue form height and confined space Medical response based around real incidents

The service provided to DFDS has not stopped with the advent of responders ‘going live’. DFDS regularly review site procedures with HFR Solutions. Following various site-based exercises to test DFDS’s current procedures and competency levels, a continuous improvement strategy has been implemented to factor in learnings from previous procedure reviews and to maintain standards moving forward.

Since the team of responders has been active, HFR Solutions have initiated numerous changes in both equipment and procedure, based on clinical evidence gathered around the world and the real incidents that site responders have dealt with. This has resulted in DFDS having total confidence in their response capabilities.

Steve Abbott, Health and Safety Manager at DFDS comments “Thanks to the delivery of first class training and a consistent level of expert support from HFR Solutions, DFDS have a pool of highly trained personnel, with the relevant skills, knowledge and experience, with access to a range of specialist emergency response equipment, to be able to perform their duties in a safe and controlled manner. The provision of which is a key and conducive attribute, towards the effective and efficient implementation of our robust on-site emergency response plan, should the need arise”.

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