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HFR Solutions CIC have made 13,037 People Safer

Humberside Airport

Company Details

HFR Solutions CIC manages Humberside Airport's (HUY) Rescue and Firefighting Service (RFFS)


In addition, in collaboration with Humberside Airport, HFR Solutions CIC also provides the following Aviation and Industrial Fire and Safety Training:

  • Aviation firefighting courses as part of a competence scheme. This allows the use of the HUY's RFFS simulators and Major Foam Tenders to provide realistic scenarios up to Category 6 aircraft and also including a helicopter simulator.
  • Firefighting courses for industry using live fires and with the facility to deal with pressure-fed fuel fires, tray fires and other bespoke realistic fire scenarios.
  • Extinguisher agents specific to the customer's needs: water, dry powder, foam and Co2 in fire extinguisher form or utilising fire appliances.
  • Fire extinguisher training.
  • First Aid at Work and Emergency First Aid training initial and refresher courses.

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