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Jotun Paints

Company Details

HFR Solutions CIC provides advanced level of incident management training for COMAH site.

Study Requirements

Client                                  Jotun Paints (Europe) Ltd

Sector:                                Paint Manufacture and Supply

Location:                             Flixborough, Scunthorpe


  • Hazardous spill response & team training helped Jotun Paints minimise the spread of any spillsEmergency Response Course
  • Crisis Management Training
  • Spill Response Team Training
  • Fire Extinguisher Training

As a leading supplier of paints and powder coatings Jotun Paints, part of the Jotun Group, operates in a high-risk environment classed as an upper-tier COMAH site and as such has a legal requirement to comply with specific regulations. Legal compliance requires the preparation of a document detailing their policy for preventing major accidents, including a safety management system for putting the policy into practice.

Initially, Jotun’s requirement encompassed the delivery of spill response team training, to help protect employees from hazardous materials and to minimise the surface area of any spills and the subsequent clean-up following a spillage. This was followed by a need to increase the competency levels of the Incident Control and Crisis Management teams, which is integral to their overall health and safety policy and helps to increase the knowledge of implementing their emergency response plans, making them better prepared for handling incidents and emergencies.


Jotun Paints utilised HFR Solutions vast experience in emergency response planning to ensure they are better prepared for tackling incidents The expertise of HFR Solutions CIC was called upon to support Jotun Paints in reviewing and testing their existing on- and off-site emergency response plans, with subsequent training of 14 members of the Incident Control and Crisis Management teams utilising the company’s own Emergency Response Plans. The syllabus looked at why incidents occur before covering incident management through effective communication and control; using appropriate incident command systems and effective decision making and hand over methods. Alongside this, site-specific information was covered to aide understanding of a potential incident including Emergency Plans, Local Crisis Management Plans and Major Accident Prevention Policy (MAPP).   

Theoretical training was provided, to update the delegates’ skills and knowledge based on their emergency response documentation. This learning was then embedded via practical sessions allowing delegates to respond to a number of realistic credible scenarios, with a combination of computer simulated on-site scenarios and qualified role plays.

Jotuns Paints on-site emergency & incident response - tested under practical scenarios such as site floodingThese practical scenarios were designed to test employees’ ability to follow the plan under conditions which realistically mirror the highly-stressful circumstances of tackling incidents, such as:

  • Tank fire
  • Spillage
  • Fall from height
  • Site flooding
  • Vehicle fire

Delegates were split into three different groups to represent all the roles that would be involved in an incident, ensuring that all aspects of the incident were thoroughly accounted for and understood. The first group assumed an operational role and were presented with an emergency situation based upon a scenario credible to Jotun’s operation and the risk profile of the business. This group was responsible for communicating all information about the incident to the second group, who had to manage the tactical element of the exercise.

Jotun Paints incident control & crisis management teams are far better prepared for tackling incidents following HFR Solutions Incident command trainingThe final group’s responsibility was the management of the strategic element of the incident, liaising with other agencies, facilitating business contingency during and in the aftermath of the incident.

Tony Harvey, Emergency Response Lead, HFR Solutions CIC, commented “The overall training delivered was well received and we received positive feedback. The realistic computer-generated practical scenarios really challenged the role players by placing them in pressurised situations, which focused on how they reacted as the emergency services would expect them to an incident and if they followed their emergency response plans”.

Rob Green, HSE Manager at Jotun Paints explained what impact the training has had: “Giving the crisis management team and incident controllers a better understanding of their roles and responsibilities, with specialised knowledge of the operations, has helped us implement an effective emergency response plan, improving our response to on-site incidents. Overall, we are better prepared for what could happen and the potential impact to our site and our daily operations.”

End Goals

Lasting results

Jotun Paints is confident that their workforce is much safer thanks to the support of HFR Solutions CIC. As a result of the Incident Command training, Jotun’s Incident Control and Crisis Management teams realised the need to practice scenarios and exercises on a frequent basis.

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