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HFR Solutions Canal Boat Cruiser Project Update

HFR Solutions Canal Boat Cruiser – Supporting Your Community

Introducing HFR Solutions 'Forget-Me-Not'

HFR Solutions Forget-Me-Not Community Canal Boat - At Her Mooring Location Blue Water MarinaAs part of our community engagement initiatives, we have recently invested in a brand new 12ft x 60ft Wide Beam Canal Boat Cruiser called ‘Forget-Me-Not’.


Why Not Join Us As We Prepare To Set Sail?

Why not experience the delights and hidden gems that the Yorkshire & Humber region’s inland waterways have to offer?

This boat will be free for charitable and non-profit community groups to use and will provide passengers with the unforgettable experience of sailing the inland waterways within the Yorkshire & Humber regions.

HFR Solutions 'Forget-Me-Not' Community Canal Boat Project

HFR Solutions Forget-Me-Not Maiden Voyage | Our Community Canal Boat has all modern amenitiesOn-Board Amenities

The 'Forget-Me-Not’ will accommodate up to 12 passengers (excluding crew members) to travel in style and offers amenities such as:

  • Comfortable seating

  • Kitchen facilities to cook hot food

  • Lift and wheelchair access

  • Washroom facilities

  • Large TV screen

Could Your Charitable or Non-Profit Making Community Group Benefit From Using The ‘Forget-Me-Not’ Canal Boat?

HFR Solutions Community Canal Boat - Forget-Me-Not | We Set Sail in April 2020

The Forget-Me-Not canal boat will provide an enjoyable and rewarding experience, create some wonderful memories and opportunities to chat with others in a safe and relaxed environment. All voyages will be facilitated by fully trained crew members.

We anticipate that the 'Forget-Me-Not' will arrive at her future mooring home based at the Blue Water Marina in Thorne, roughly between the End of August/Early-Mid September. 

Ever Fancied Volunteering?

If you are looking for a volunteering role with a difference, we would be delighted to hear from you. It would be your opportunity to learn a new skill and support this unique community-based initiative by helping us on board, making all this possible.

 We Set Sail in Spring 2020 - Why Not Join Us?

Business & Sponsorship Opportunities

Various opportunities for your organisation to use the boat for meetings, corporate away days or team building events, or to support us on this journey through sponsorship, will be announced shortly.

HFR Solutions Forget-Me-Not - Sponsorship & Business Opportunities

Completed 'Expression of Interest Forms' should be emailed to or alternatively contact Joanne directly on 01724 406737 to discuss our 'Forget-Me-Not' project in further detail.