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Exercise Planning and Co-ordinating

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It is important that all organisations are fully prepared for all types of emergencies as well as practicing and testing emergency plan elements.

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Course Benefits

This bespoke service is designed to ensure that the customer can validate their plans, develop staff competencies and test their procedures. The course can be delivered at one of our training venues.  However, holding the course on site in surroundings familiar to the delegates allows the exercise preparation to be more useful. HFR Solutions CIC Exercise Planning and Co-ordinating course aims to provide organisations with the knowledge to test their emergency preparedness through discussion type, table top and live simulated exercises.

This service ensures that organisations are able to carry out emergency preparedness training in which key staff can carry out risk assessments and emergency response training where staff are trained to carry out response functions when an emergency occurs.

The course covers the following elements:

  • Why is training necessary
  • Who should train
  • Training for emergency preparedness
  • Training for emergency response
  • Emergency planning legislation

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