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Fire Marshal / Warden

Course Code F02-0

Course Cost: £108 + Vat per delegate | £930 + Vat per closed course

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Designed for Fire Marshals & Wardens to improve their knowledge & skills to perform this role at work

Date of Next Course: TBC

Venue: Fire Service Headquarters, Hessle - Nr Hull

Duration: One Day

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Course Benefits

HFR Solutions CIC Fire Marshal Training Course – learn from the experts in fire safety

 This course is designed to equip Fire Marshals and Wardens with the skills, knowledge and understanding to safely perform both their proactive and reactive role in the workplace.

The Role of a Fire Marshal

Fire Marshals perform the vital role of making sure the working environment is safe in case of a fire. Although this role essentially comprises of performing many duties of a fire risk assessment, such as mitigating risks of a fire in the first place, actual tasks will vary from organisation to organisation, based upon factors such as the nature of the organisation, staff numbers employed and the size of the building.

As part of workplace safety training requirements, Fire Marshals should undertake a refresher training course every two years to validate their Fire Marshal certification.

A Fire Marshal’s role is usually split into two different elements, the proactive function of daily maintenance as well as the secondary reactive element during an alarm or confirmed fire.

Although the duties of a Fire Marshal may differ, they can include;

  • Identifying fire hazards at their place of work
  • Note and report hazards to the relevant people (i.e. Fire Safety Officer)
  • Take the correct and necessary action in the event of a fire outbreak
  • Ensure that escape routes are kept clear and exit doors are available for use
  • Fire extinguishers are sealed and in the correct locations
  • Fire alarms are clear and unobstructed
  • Fire safety signs are in position
  • All weekly fire alarm tests should be reported if faulty

The Fire Marshal’s role provides fire prevention support to the fire risk assessment process and in the event of an emergency need to take charge, follow fire evacuation procedures and ensure the safety of their colleagues.

HFR Solutions CIC utilising the skills, knowledge and experience of Humberside Fire & Rescue Service (HFRS) 

HFR Solutions is able to utilise the skills, knowledge, experience and personnel of Humberside Fire & Rescue Service (HFRS) has provided our highly experienced team with unrivalled knowledge in the area of emergency planning, response, fire prevention and safety.

Learning Outcomes

As a result of attending this course, delegates will increase their competence levels, knowledge and skills as syllabus topics will include;

  • Legislative responsibilities and compliance
  • Duties of a fire marshal (general and site-specific)
  • Science of fire
  • The elements of the fire triangle (reactive and proactive)
  • How fire spreads
  • Fire prevention measures
  • Fire actions (general and site-specific)
  • Common and site-specific safety hazards
  • Case study example
  • Site-specific roles and responsibilities
  • Classes of fire
  • Different types of fire extinguishers
  • Selection, capability and limitations of fire extinguishers
  • Practical use of fire extinguishers utilising live fire demonstration unit
  • Practical exercises

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