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GWO Advanced Rescue - Hub, Spinner & Inside Blade Rescue Module 1 (HSIBR)

Course Code WAH10

Course Cost: Open Course - £215 + Vat Per Delegate | Closed Course - £1,505 + Vat Per Course

Forthcoming Course Dates

Training Course Information

Achieve your GWO Advanced Rescue - Hub, Spinner & Blade Rescue (HSIBR) Module 1 accreditation

Date of Next Course: Upon Receipt

Venue: Fire Service Headquarters, Hessle - Nr Hull

Duration: 1 Day

Awarding Body:  GWO (Global Wind Organisation)

Course Benefits

GWO Advanced Rescue Hub Rescue 1 | HFR Solutions delivers the Advanced Rescue Hub Rescue (HSIBR)The GWO Advanced Rescue Hub, Spinner & Blade Rescue form part of the overall range of advanced rescue standards recently developed by the Global Wind Organisation (GWO) in-order to train teams in advanced rescue scenarios within an offshore environment.

This certified training program aims to provide a team of delegates with the competency to perform various rescue operations from the hub, spinner and inside the blade of a wind turbine. This will be achieved by using industry-standard and recognised rescue equipment, techniques and methods and will exceed the standards of the GWO Working at Height accreditation.

Your team of technicians will receive the following course benefits;

  • Recognised GWO standard
  • Display competency to rescue a colleague from the blade, spinner and hub within a wind turbine
  • Able to display advanced rescue capabilities from a high-risk working environment
  • Display competency in the use of equipment in the rescue scenario outside the norm (i.e. creation of suspended aerial rope to safely and effectively transfer the casualty from the spinner to nacelle) 

Factors to be considered

Factors such as those highlighted below affect and impact your offshore teams working practices and ability to deliver; 

  • Your team will be working in a remote location and require advanced rescue skills
  • High-risk operating environments
  • Increased response time from the emergency services
  • Your team will need to possess increased skills and levels of competency
  • Little or limited help within this operational environment

GWO Advanced Rescue Hub Rescue (Module 1) HSIBR | HFR Solutions delivers the Advanced Rescue Rescue modulesCourse Scenarios

Practical course scenarios will include:

  • Rescue from blade
  • Rescue from spinner
  • Rescue from hub

(HSIBR) Course Syllabus

For further information on the GWO Advanced Rescue - Hub, Spinner and Inside Blade Rescue module, please download a copy of our course syllabus below.

Entry Requirements

Teams and delegates looking to undertake this module, need to hold valid GWO Working at Height, GWO First Aid and Manual Handling certificates. Teams and candidates who successfully complete the GWO Advanced Rescue Hub Rescue module will receive a certificate to confirm they have met the level of competence required. This certificate is valid for two years.


GWO Pre-requisite

For any delegates wanting to book on the Enhanced GWO ART (Advanced Rescue Course), we require the following documentation:

  • Full medical fitness
  • In-date GWO Basic Safety Work at Height, First Aid, Manual Handling certificates

In-order to follow guidelines, we will need to verify these on the WINDA system.

Learning Outcomes

  • Teams will be able to perform descending rescue operations from a wind turbine hub, spinner and from within a blade to an assembly area (i.e ground, transition piece or vessel).
  • Perform these rescue operations in teams acting as the rescue team coordinator

Relevant Legislation

  • GWO Advanced Rescue
  • GWO Working at Height