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GWO Advanced Rescue Training Module 5 - Combined Advanced Rescue Techniques

Course Code WAH14

Course Cost: Open Course - £495 + Vat Per Delegate | Closed Course - £3,465 + Vat Per Course

Forthcoming Course Dates

3 February 2020 HFR Solutions CIC Training Centre Three Days
22 April 2020 HFR Solutions CIC Training Centre Three Days
17 June 2020 HFR Solutions CIC Training Centre Three Days
12 August 2020 HFR Solutions CIC Training Centre Three Days
14 October 2020 HFR Solutions CIC Training Centre Three Days
9 December 2020 HFR Solutions CIC Training Centre Three Days

Training Course Information

This 3-Day intensive program enables delegates to complete all GWO Advanced Rescue (ART) modules (All Combined Advanced Rescue modules)

Date of Next Course: Mon 3rd - Weds 5th February

Venue: HFR Solutions Training Centre, Hessle, Nr Hull

Duration: Three Days


Awarding Body: GWO (Global Wind Organisation)

Course Benefits

HFR Solutions delivers all 5 Advanced Rescue Training Modules (ART) helps delegates to be trained and competent in rescue operations within a wind turbineThe combined GWO Advanced Rescue ART training module covers all rescue and single-rescuer elements, allowing delegates to undertake all four modules together in a three-day intensive program.

The GWO Advanced Rescue Module (ART) aims to empower and provide delegates with the competency, skills and theoretical and practical knowledge to access and rescue an injured person from the hub, spinner, inside the blade, nacelle, tower and basement sections to an assembly point until emergency responders arrive on-scene.

The four modules would cover:

  • Hub, spinner and inside blade rescue
  • Nacelle, tower and basement rescue
  • Single rescuer: hub, spinner and inside blade rescue
  • Single rescuer: Nacelle, tower and basement module

These new advanced modules have been developed based upon risk assessments and industry-related accident and incident statistics during the installation phase as well as during the operations, service and maintenance work on wind turbine generators and wind power plants.

GWO Advanced Rescue (ART) Modules - Rescue from hub, spinner, nacelle, tower & basement, inside blade, The GWO Advanced Rescue training combined modules aims to mitigate and control the risks associated with rescue operations undertaken in and from wind turbines to facilitate better emergency preparedness and response within the renewables industry.

(WAH14) Course Syllabus

For further information on the GWO Advanced Rescue - Advanced Rescue Training Module 5 please download a copy of our course syllabus below.

The following business-critical factors should be given consideration;

  • Your team will be working in a remote location and require advanced rescue knowledge and capabilities
  • Operating in an environment with high-risk
  • Increased emergency service response times
  • Your team will need to display increased skills and levels of competency
  • There is limited help within this operational environment

All these modules are also delivered as separate courses. Please visit the separate module pages below for further details on each module syllabus and course content.

GWO Advanced Rescue – Hub, Spinner & Inside Blade Rescue (Module 1)

GWO Advanced Rescue – Nacelle, Tower & Basement (Module 2)

GWO Advanced Rescue – Single Rescuer: Hub, Spinner & Inside Blade Rescue (Module 3)

GWO Advanced Rescue – Single Rescuer: Nacelle, Tower & Basement (Module 4)

GWO Pre-requisite

For any delegates wanting to book on the Enhanced GWO ART (Advanced Rescue Course), we require the following documentation:

  • Full medical fitness
  • In-date GWO Basic Safety Work at Height, First Aid, Manual Handling certificates

In-order to follow guidelines, we will need to verify these on the WINDA system.

Learning Outcomes

Entry Requirements

Delegates looking to undertake these modules, need to hold a valid GWO Working at Height, GWO First Aid and Manual Handling certificates.

Candidates who successfully complete the GWO Advanced Rescue Training Module 5 will receive a certificate to confirm they have met the level of competence required.  This certificate is valid for two years.