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First Responder - Intermediate

Course Code FA10

Course Cost: Price on application

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Training Course Information

This First Responder Intermediate Training course is designed for a medical level similar to other emergency services, on-site medics or senior cabin crew.

Date of Next Course: Upon receipt

Venue: TBC

Duration: Three Days

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Course Benefits

The purpose of the course is to provide immediate life support to the patient pending the arrival of definitive pre-hospital care. This course can be readily tailored to the needs of an organisation.

The syllabus is as for course FA4 with the following additions

  • Scene Management
  • Safety
  • Triage
  • Primary Survey
  • Safe moving and handling
  • Use of suction
  • Crash Helmet removal
  • Oropharyngeal Airways
  • Oxygen Therapy
  • Ventilation support
  • Bag/Valve/Mask
  • Adult and child life support.
  • Abnormal Heart Rhythms 


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