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Is Your Medical Response Sufficient Breakfast Seminar

Course Code

Course Cost: Complimentary

Forthcoming Course Dates

28 June 2018 HFR Solutions CIC Training Centre 2 Hours

Training Course Information

Complimentary Seminar

Date of Next Course: Thursday 28th June

Venue: Fire Service Headquarters, Hessle - Nr Hull

Arrival Time: 8am

Event Starts: 8.30am until 10.30am

Course Benefits

Is Your Medical Response Sufficient?

Your Complimentary Invitation - Why Not Join Us To Learn Some best Practice Advice Over Breakfast 


Following the success of our safer working breakfast seminar and Devils Kitchen charity event, HFR Solutions are delighted to announce we will be hosting a complimentary breakfast seminar focused around the theme of answering the question – Is Your Medical Response Sufficient?

HFR Solutions CIC Is Your Medical Response Sufficient Breakfast Seminar - Thursday 28th June

Learning Outcomes

Does your organisation know the best practice for handling and managing on-site medical incidents, the impact on your business as well as ensuring health and safety doesn’t stop because an accident has occurred

This is a unique chance for you to learn about your organisation's responsibilities, form experts in the field of emergency and medical response, and to take away the best practice techniques and some practical steps for handling on-site medical incidents.

Places are limited - click to reserve your complimentary place today or call 01482 398521


What will be discussed - this two-hour session will cover;

This breakfast seminar will be themed around – ‘on-site medical incidents and the impact on your business’ and covers points such as;

  • Why should you have a medical response?
  • The importance of ensuring health and safety doesn't stop because an accident has occurred
  • Implementing a four tier medical response in your business
  • Pain relief and clinical governance
  • What training and equipment would be required?
  • What are your moral obligations and what legislation exists
  • The importance of ensuring health and safety doesn’t stop because an accident has occurred
  • Rescue plans (If a casualty is in a place difficult to reach such as a confined space or at height)

This event is ideal for delegates wanting to learn the best practices for handling on-site medical incidents and what are your organisation’s responsibilities.

Why you should attend – all you need to know

This comprehensive seminar will also provide you with advice and practical steps such as;

  • Responsibilities
  • What does the law state (i.e. Management of health and safety at work regulations 1999)
  • What are your organisation’s responsibilities
  • Undertaking a medical needs assessment.

Ask yourself the following questions…

  • Does your organisation feel your medical response sufficient?
  • Do you know the potential impact on your business?
  • Why not ensure that you can answer these questions with the confidence?


Blended learning

There will be a live medical scenario as well as a mixture of blended theory and practical learning to cover;

  • What are suitable and sufficient procedures for the workplace
  • What equipment should you consider as part of your medical bag and location
  • First aid needs assessment
  • The level and numbers of first aiders onsite
  • Scenario walkthrough

Complimentary breakfast seminar

This FREE seminar is specifically designed for organisation’s operating in sectors such as;

  • Heavy Industry and industrial
  • Comah sites
  • Chemical process
  • Ports & Logistics and shipping
  • Manufacturing and production
  • Infrastructure and civil engineering
  • Building and construction
  • Engineering
  • Local authority and public sector

Places are limited - reserve your complimentary place today

If your oganisation operates within the aforementioned sectors this seminar will prove ideal.

Places are limited - click to reserve your complimentary place today or call 01482 398521

Seminar spaces are limited, so places will be granted on a first come first served basis.


We will support you in the challenge of management of health and safety at work, as well as helping to keep your workforce safe with the latest guidance on emergency response, workplace safety, medical response best practice and safety compliance.

HFR Solutions CIC are using our community interest company status to highlight and promote safer systems of work and safer employees within the workplace, in-order to work towards our vision of making our business partners safer everyday.


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