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Principles of COSHH

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Course Cost: £385.00 + vat per closed course

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This 1/2 day training provides delegates with the principles of Coshh, how it effects your business and the risks your team face when handling particular substances.

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Duration: 1 / 2 Day

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Course Benefits

Our Principles of COSHH training is tailored to the particular substances and risks that your workers face. This course focuses on the correct storage and handling of the actual substances you use, and incorporate your firm's specific health and safety policy and operating procedures. Nearly all workers are likely to encounter hazardous substances to some extent. This is because there are many substances which are hazardous to human health, ranging from minor irritants to potential killers, depending on both the type of substance and the exposure levels. These substances can be waste products produced at the end of a process, cleaning products, asbestos dust, chemical ingredients etc. The sheer number of hazardous substances in the world means that organisations in different industries will face different hazards according to the products they produce or the services they provide, and so will have a requirement for COSHH training as part of their health and safety training programme

Learning Outcomes

The COSHH Awareness course is aimed at people who deal with hazardous substances on a day to day basis. Delegates will be briefed on the importance of procedures, safe handling and risk assessment of hazardous substances within their organisation. At the conclusion of the course, delegates will have a sound understanding of their personal and legal responsibilities for the control of chemical and hazardous substances.