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HFR Solutions CIC have made 13,037 People Safer

Advanced 4 Day Trauma Training

HFR Solutions CIC - Setting the medical standards for the delivery of advanced first aid training to the offshore renewables and wind sector

The most advanced first aid and trauma training course for non-healthcare workers

HFR Solutions CIC is one of only a few training providers with the expertise to deliver a 4 Day Advanced Trauma Training Course, clinically governed by leading healthcare professionals, which enables our lead instructor to train your delegates to administer on-site pain relief and support the provision of medical equipment. This training course is one of the most advanced first aid and trauma training courses available to non-healthcare workers.

The challenges with working at a offshore and remote location

Employees, contractors and technicians working in the renewables offshore wind sector and businesses operating in offshore and remote locations face unique risks and should an incident or accident occur leading to a casualty requiring first aid, pain relief and needing to be rescued.

Upskilling your workforce will assure them of

  • Their ability to provide care if circumstances require,
  • Better survival rates - even in the event of significant or major trauma

Learner Outcomes

The benefits of sending your delegates to our advanced 4 Day Trauma Training course including;

  • Setting the medical standards for the delivery of advanced first aid training to the offshore wind sector
  • Administer advanced first aid at offshore renewable and remote locations
  • Governance in place for trained delegates to prescribe medicine and pain relief
  • This course has clinical governance in place from a leading healthcare professional
  • Your organisation is better prepared in the event of an incident
  • Extensive quantifiable research has been undertaken to develop the course syllabus


  • Health & Safety at work – not adequate enough for workers in the offshore renewables sector
  • Increased confidence in your response
  • Increase competence levels
  • Confidence and safety to deal with medical and trauma incidents
  • Increased levels of trust
  • More self-sufficient – Not reliant on one single individual – what happens if it is the first aider that needs to be rescued
  • Peace of mind
  • Improving morale – looking after your team
  • Your team – trained in advanced health and safety
  • Familiarisation and usage of bespoke equipment (advanced Bandage – just as efficient as ten bandages (Support the claim)