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Govt Holds Emergency Response Meeting After Westminster Attack

Following the terrorist attack that occurred in Westminster recently, the government’s COBRA emergency response committee met  to discuss the situation.

The government’s Cobra committee held an emergency response team meeting, following the terrorist attack that occurred in Westminster recently.

On Tuesday (August 14th), a man drove a car into security barriers just outside of parliament early in the morning, allegedly with the intent to cause devastation.

A 29-year-old from Birmingham was arrested at the scene in central London and on-going investigations are currently taking place.

To prevent this – or worse – occurring again, the government’s COBRA emergency response committee met soon after to discuss the situation, Reuters reported.

The Metropolitan police released a statement, saying: “The priority of this investigation team continues to be to understand the motivation behind this incident.”

A European security source told the news provider that the driver of the vehicle was believed to be a British citizen of Sudanese origin.

While it is believed that the individual was in London to apply for a visa to return to Sudan via the Sudanese embassy, Britain’s counter-terrorism police chief said the iconic location of the act made it look “deliberate”, hence why it is being treated as a potential act of terrorism.

Armed police were on the scene quickly and dealt with it accordingly.

Furthermore, it mimics a similar attack that occurred at Westminster Bridge on March 22nd 2017. This tragic incident resulted in fatalities and injuries to several members of the public including a PC.