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Emergency Response Planning

Having an inefficient emergency response or contingency plan or not being to respond quickly enough in the event of an incident will have far-reaching consequences for any number of businesses just like yours.

Emergency Response Planning | HFR Solutions CIC Are Experts In The Delivery of Emergency Response Plans

HFR Solutions CIC is a Humber-based Community Interest Company holding vast levels of expertise in the delivery of exceptional emergency planning, response and risk prevention services, that will enable your organisation to be better prepared for handling incidents and responding to emergencies, maintaining business assets and increasing the levels of competency amongst your team.

The risk profile of an organisation can depend on factors such as:

  • The nature of your business
  • The tasks undertaken within your business
  • The layout of your premises

The documented preparation and response of emergency response plans can cover key business contingency matters such as:

  • Adverse weather conditions
  • Fire
  • Flood
  • Incident and emergencies
  • Leaks and substance spillages
  • Loss of power
  • Suspect packages and terrorism (external threats)

All of the above risks may not be a regular occurrence; however, they are credible scenarios which could happen and your organisation needs to be prepared for such an incident.

Review & Test your existing emergency response plans

Your existing emergency response and contingency plans should be reviewed and tested to establish their suitability for meeting your current and future business requirements. Whether it's your emergency response plans or MAPP plans, HFR Solutions CIC can review and test your plan in a simulated environment, undertake some GAP Analysis to identify areas to address and then produce a comprehensive report detailing recommendations for improvements.

HFR Solutions – Your Emergency Response Planning Partner

Emergency Response | We deliver full on-site emergency response to writing emergency response plansWorking with emergency response company HFR Solutions CIC, ensures that your organisation receives the best available advice in the response and management of incidents.  With an extensive background in emergency response planning, our emergency response specialists are active and experienced fire officers who possess real/front-line experience in tackling incidents and emergencies. Coupled with our ability to utilise the skills, experience and expertise of Humberside Fire & Rescue Service (HFRS), means you can be sure of an unrivalled experience.

Comprehensive End to End Emergency Response Planning Solutions

Our comprehensive end to end emergency response planning solutions will help your business achieve or maintain compliance.

These solutions include:

Emergency response planning is now a subject matter that isn’t just being taken seriously by high-risk environments such as COMAH sites, production, heavy industry and manufacturing - businesses from other sectors are witnessing the benefits of emergency preparedness and producing robust and workable emergency response plans for incident preparation and response.

Local authorities and councils are placing greater emphasis on emergency response planning and incident response, such as the example of Cumbria County Council producing a new website to provide helpful advice and guidance to local residents to help them prepare for adverse weather conditions.

Risks such as flooding have a profound effect on our normal daily lives and have a devastating impact on local business communities, with some temporarily closing their operations, during the clean-up process, resulting in loss of revenues and custom. The town of Boston in Lincolnshire, witnessed some severe floods during 2013, resulting in 900 properties, both residential and commercial, being damaged.

As a highly respected and trusted partner to numerous organisations, we are frequently invited to deliver unrivalled emergency response planning, workplace safety support and you can rest assured we hold the expertise, resources and capabilities to meet your emergency planning needs. 

Your Next Action?

Working with full-service, risk prevention and emergency response specialist HFR Solutions CIC, provides total reassurance and peace of mind that;

  • Your organisation is better prepared in the event of an incident
  • Your on-site team will have a better understanding of their roles and responsibilities
  • You will maintain a positive perception of your brand and reputation
  • Improves your organisation's internal processes
  • Your health and safety standards will improve
  • The negative impact of an incident can be avoided
  • Reduced risk of failing to meet your customer's needs
  • Lost productivity, time and increased costs reduced
  • Reduced risk of precaution 

Emergency Response Planning - Do Yours Meet Your Future Requirements

Is your business looking for an emergency response company, who possesses unrivalled knowledge in reviewing and testing your existing emergency response and contingency plans or even support your on-site health and safety professionals by writing your emergency plans, please contact HFR Solutions CIC on 01482 398521 or email to discuss your emergency response planning requirements in further detail.

Reliance on local authority emergency services is no longer sufficient.