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Emergency Response Plans - Review & Test

Have your emergency response plans been reviewed and tested?

Many emergency response plans may contain site-specific organisational information such as:-

  • Company-specific information
  • Business continuity
  • Management of incidents
  • Decision making and models
  • Briefing personnel
  • Human factors
  • Contact information
  • Key personnel for activating the plan

However, if your existing emergency response plans were written some time ago or not updated for a while, perhaps now is the right time to review and test your existing emergency response plans to establish if they are still fit for purpose, workable and meet the requirements of your organisation, especially if there have been changes to your organisation’s internal operating procedures or site layout.

Review your existing emergency resonse plans | Test your emergency response plans - improve your existing emergency response procedures

Key considerations

  • Do you review or test your emergency response plans
  • When did you last review your plans
  • How often do you review your emergency response plans
  • During the last review, did you test your plans to ensure they were still fit for purpose
  • During the last review - did you test your emergency response and were any gaps identified and recommendations put forward

If your organisation has already implemented operational emergency response plans, your standard company operating procedures should allow for regular testing, to ensure your current plans are workable and deliver the resilience and performance required to meet both current and future organisation requirements.

HFR Solutions CIC Review & Test Your Emergency Response Plans 

If your organisation is looking for a partner or assistance to review and test your existing emergency response plans, HFR Solutions CIC are requested by numerous organisations from various sectors to review and test their existing emergency response plans. Our unrivalled knowledge in the area of emergency planning and response has allowed our organisation to develop advanced methods of preparing for operational incidents and emergencies, safety training and prevention. This is when engaging the services of a highly experienced emergency response and preparation specialist to review, undertake a gap analysis or test emergency response plans against some credible scenarios, would provide tangible business benefits.

Preventing & Preparing For Major Incidents - Spot Gaps In Your Emergency Response Plans

We are able to review or test your existing emergency response plans in a simulated environment, to identify gaps that exist and could impact on your organisation’s daily operations and present recommendations for improvements.

Making Your Organisation Safer – Perceived Level of Risk & Next Actions

Fully tested and workable emergency response plans can help to identify the level of risk your organisation is susceptible too and what actions would need to be taken to mitigate these perceived risks. Your emergency response plans need to account for various considerations such as;

  • Lines of responsibility and communication,
  • Perceived levels of risk 
  • Current response levels 
  • Implementation of workable emergency plans as and when necessary 

As part of your health and safety audit, it may be worth reviewing some of the key points below;


  • In the event of an incident or emergency, are responsibilities clearly defined
  • In the event of an emergency or incident, what are the expectations of your emergency response team (evacuate employees and visitors, provide first aid and medical provision)
  • Is one single person or are several people responsible for implementing your emergency response in the event of an incident
  • Are certain members of your on-site emergency response team responsible been allocated certain responsibilities (for personal or parts of the building)

Key Elements of your Emergency Response Plans

  • Are your Health and Safety Team fully briefed on the details of your emergency response plans and its key contents
  • Are your senior management familiar with how your plans will be implemented in the event of an incident or emergency

Communication & Briefing Key Personel

  • In the event of an emergency, who should be contacted
  • Are all relevant contact numbers easily accessible

Key Stakeholders (Internal and External)

  • Who are your local key stakeholders (local businesses and partners) your emergency response plans need to make allowances for
  • How would any incident or emergency impact the environment and local community
  • How would any emergency impact on the perception of your brand

Perceived Risk & Levels of Response

  • Are your current plans fit for purpose and provide the level of response required, to the perceived level and type of risks your organisation could be exposed too?
  • Is the type of response relevant to the type of emergencies or incidents which could occur

Incident Management – Your Priorities Should Be

The main priority should always be the safety of personal and life, followed by stabilisation of the emergency or incident which has occurred. Depending on the nature of your business, emergency response plans, daily operations, organisational structure and your location, there are numerous actions which can be taken to control the incident, preserve your assets and minimise any potential damage or effect on operational output.

Health and safety processes must be prioritised and reliance on local authority emergency services isn’t sufficient.

If your organisation requires a partner with the capabilities, expertise, experience and skills to undertake a thorough review of your existing emergency response plans and test these emergency response plans against credible scenarios relevant to the nature of your organisation and site-specific risks, contact HFR Solutions CIC to discuss your requirements in further detail.

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