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Emergency Response Training

Bespoke emergency response training can be delivered as part of our overall emergency response solutions, to ensure your incident command and site-based personnel fully understand their role in the management of incidents.

Emergency Response Training | Our Incident Command & Emergency Response Training will improve the competency levels of your incident management & site command teamImproving your on-site teams’ competency levels for responding to incidents

These sessions are very interactive and designed to facilitate cross-team cohesive working, allowing your on-site teams, Incident Co-ordinators, Company Directors, Health and Safety professionals and Facilities Managers to benefit from improved levels of competency and be better prepared for handling on-site incidents and emergencies.

Delivering the emergency response plan – when it is required

Fully operational and workable emergency response plans may well meet your business requirements, however, it is equally important that your employees receive suitable training on the procedures and processes within your emergency response plans, so they will be able to implement and deliver the plan, when required to do so.

Emergency response training | Our comprehensive training aims to improve your employee's competency levels & covers human factors, why incidents occur & emergency response plans Our emergency response and incident command training syllabus incorporates the following key elements; 

  • Human factors and response – why incidents occur
  • Management of incidents – what can assist in commanding and controlling an incident
  • Site and company-specific information
  • Emergency plans
  • Incident control room provision / set up
  • Organisational response
  • Incident timelines
  • Decision-making models
  • Briefing personnel
  • Communication and handing over to emergency services
  • Liaison and engagement
  • Debriefing and business continuity
  • Practical training scenarios
  • Status boards
  • Site plans

Our training can also incorporate practical scenarios, designed to test the company’s emergency plans and utilise role plays to add realism and urgency.


Our Emergency response training covers the importance of debriefs. These provide opportunities for learnings to be identified and captured by delegates, which can be discussed during the debrief sessions that follow training exercises and integrated into the plans.