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How Well is Your Business Prepared?

Can you confidently say that your organisation is prepared to handle an on-site incident and your employees are trained to perform when it matters most?

Under the pressure of a live emergency, with a life potentially at risk and serious damage to your business assets and property, will they have skills, competency and confidence to recall and react as required?

Emergency Preparedness | How well is your business prepared? | If you require further advice about managing your response to incidents or help building your emergency response procedures contact HFR Solutions CICWhy do incidents occur?

An incident can occur as a result of an existing process, incorrect actions undertaken, poor communication or behaviours, and existing culture, for examples:

  • Lack of a workable and effective emergency response plan or no plan at all
  • Inadequate internal processes
  • No safe systems of work
  • Human error and processes not being followed
  • Existing culture and attitude towards health and safety
  • Medical event or on-site incident
  • Poor communication

How does your organisation respond to incidents?

Emergency preparedness is an integral part of business resilience and how your business plans for and responds to incidents and emergencies. Resilience is a key element of any business plan.

Incident Management | HFR Solutions can help your organisation improve its response to on-site incidents and emergenciesWhat is the current level of your organisation’s emergency preparedness?

To establish your organisation’s current level of emergency preparedness, initially we would need to evaluate the following: