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Total Risk Solutions

How prepared is your business?

Having an effective emergency or disaster preparedness & response plan which is tested on a frequent basis can minimise the risk of an incident happening, however should an incident occur, how quickly your business is able to mobilise a response can also minimise the impact on your daily operating procedures and your ability to continue normal working processes.

Having an inefficient emergency response or contingency plan or not being to respond quickly enough to an incident will have far-reaching consequences for any number of businesses just like yours.

HFR Solutions total risk solutions - emergency response procedures, emergency response & contingency planning, risk assessments, safety interventions & safety training  Safety First

As a leading player within the renewable, offshore wind, industrial or manufacturing sectors or as a COMAH site you have responsibilities to your workforce, local community, environment and other stakeholders and whilst your business may be focused on productivity and output, possibly within a heavily regulated sector, the safety of your workforce should always remain a top priority.

Do your existing contingency plans work in practice?

Taking into consideration the challenges your organisation needs to overcome to develop a workable contingency plan, that works in practice, HFR Solutions CIC provide a range of Total Risk Management Solutions, which will take a holistic view of your organisation, from reviewing and testing your existing contingency plan to establish how your employees would react when placed under pressure and whether the current levels of emergency response meets the needs of the business now and in the future.

Then jointly we work with your organisation to fully understand how the risk profile of your business has been achieved by identifying the potential risks and credible scenarios that businesses like yours may be confronted with, due to geographical, environmental, health and safety or human factors.

By identifying and mitigating risks, enables your business to implement better prevention processes and put the necessary measures in place such as workable emergency response plans, which will deliver tangible outcomes and as a result, make your business better prepared.

Incident Command & Emergency Response - is your business prepared?Incident Management

When an incident occurs – you are better prepared

This will ensure your business is better prepared to respond in the event of an incident, minimise any lost time and therefore allow your business to return to normal operations as quickly as possible.

Our Commitment

We are totally committed to working with multiple organisations across various business sectors, delivering tangible outcomes that make your business better prepared, implement and operate safer systems of work and result in having a safer workforce.

HFR Solutions CIC Total Risk Management Solutions

HFR Solutions utilises the skills, knowledge and experience of Humberside Fire & Rescue, HFR Solutions CIC holds vast experience in tackling incident management and emergency response. Our extensive range of Total Risk Management Solutions, ensures your business benefits from sharing our expertise of processes and procedures, implemented by an organisation who possesses a close association with one of the three blue light services. These solutions incorporate proven preparation, protection and prevention processes and techniques and best practice safety training in order to reduce or mitigate risk and prevent or minimise the impact on your organisation should an incident occur.    

Can We Support Your Business?

If your organisation's emergency response plans are gathering dust, haven’t been tested or you could benefit from HFR Solutions CIC emergency response planning solutions, please get in touch with us on 01482 398521 or email your enquiry today.

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