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What is Emergency Response Planning?

The impact of a major incident and emergency can have disastrous implications for your business, employees, brand perception with the local community and environment. That’s why it is essential for organisations to be prepared for mitigating any on-site risks and hazards.

Emergency planning evaluates and tests your organisation’s ability to demonstrate to regulatory authorities and trade bodies the current level of preparedness and response you can provide in the event of an emergency incident occurring.

Emergency Response Planning Framework | HFR Solutions develop successful frameworks for writing & implementing effective emergency response procedures

HFR Solutions CIC can provide your organisation with an all-compassing range of specialist emergency response training and emergency response planning solutions, whether you require your existing emergency response plans or Major Accident Prevention Policy (MAPP), reviewing or provision of a complete on-site emergency response solution. Our highly-skilled emergency response specialists can be site based and will demonstrate a rapid response and proactive approach towards any incident or emergency as well as your on-site health and safety needs.

Business contingency | Does your organisation have an emergency response plan in placeGood planning leads to effective response

Our vast expertise in the delivery of workable emergency response plans and business contingency plans has enabled us to develop advanced methods of preparing for operational incidents, implementing risk prevention measures and delivering safety training. This experience will support your organisation in achieving compliance with legislation and becoming much better prepared for handling incidents.

Your organisation will receive complete peace of mind that your investments, property, infrastructure and brand reputation are being guided by emergency response specialists, with unrivalled experience in handling emergency and incident situations.