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Writing Your Emergency Response Plan

Emergency Response Plan – Does Your Organisation Need One?

The main purpose of an Emergency Response Plan is to establish and implement an organisational structure and a set of procedures for response in the event of incident or emergency. An Emergency Response Plan will assign roles, tasks and responsibilities to assist with your overall emergency preparation and business resilience.

Write emergency response plans | An emergency response plan should form part of your overall emergency response & health & safety procedures - and needs to be a living & breathing documentWhy Your Organisation Needs an Emergency Response Plan

  • How well prepared is your organisation 
  • What current procedures are in place
  • Has your organisation produced an emergency response plan or a rigorous business continuity plan for an incident or addressing an emergency situation

A lifeline to your business

A thoroughly tested and workable incident response plan will prove vital and could provide a major life-line to your organisation should an incident occur.

Writing Your Emergency Response Plan

The initial phase of developing an emergency response plan entails undertaking a risk assessment, to identify potential credible emergency scenarios. At the very least, all premises should develop and implement an emergency response plan to protect employees, visitors, partners, contractors and local stakeholders.

Emergency Response Plan | HFR Solutions CIC Can Write Your Emergency Response PlanWhen writing your emergency response plan, it is paramount that your emergency response plan should be developed to address all types of emergencies and incidents which could affect and impact your workforce, premises, buildings, local community, customers, suppliers, stakeholders and the environment.

Your emergency response plans should include: 

  • Provision of life
  • Provision of your assets
  • Protection of your organisation's brand

Engage an emergency response specialist - delivering tangible benefits for your organisation

This is when engaging the services of a highly experienced emergency response specialist to develop a workable emergency response plan will deliver a series of tangible outcomes for your organisation.

If your organisation requires support writing your emergency response plan, our thorough understanding of internal operating procedures and vast experience of writing emergency response plans for organisation’s operating in sectors such as – energy, processing, chemicals, manufacturing, production, COMAH, heavy industry and industrial sectors, ensures we can develop a workable emergency plan tailored to meet the requirements of your organisation.


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