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HFR Solutions CIC have made 13,037 People Safer

Emergency Response Teams

HFR Solutions CIC can provide an on-site emergency response team of highly motivated individuals who are passionate about safety.

Reducing risk & maintaining high standards of health and safety at your site

Emergency Response Teams | On-site rescue teams | HFR Solutions CIC can provide safety & rescue teams to tackle your incidents and emergenciesEmergency response teams can deliver a vast range of proactive and reactive benefits, once deployed. The primary objective of an emergency response team will always be to reduce risk and incidents as well as safeguard and maintain high standards of health and safety to ensure everyone understands the safety culture and community cohesion.

With a level of expertise and knowledge in rescue equivalent to the emergency services, the highly experienced safety and emergency teams at HFR Solutions CIC can be deployed to meet various project-based requirements your organisation may require.

Our Safety and Rescue teams comprise of high-qualified, vastly experienced and fully trained emergency service response personnel and rescue specialists available at flexible working shift patterns (during the day, night or over the weekend). Coupled with years of experience in responding to and tackling real incidents, including facilitating rescues from confined space, working at heights, extinguishing and undertaking rescues from fires and providing a medical response including dealing with major trauma as well as implementing safer systems of work.

 Whether your site or organisation require an ERT team for  a single day or year round - HFR Solutions can help

Our emergency response teams can support your organisation with specified risk.

Our proactive approach to safety and incident provision can meet either fixed-term contracts or short-term periods for the following risk types:

If your organisation is seeking an emergency response specialist, you must ensure that your partner possesses the knowledge, skills, competent and experience to deliver the level of incident and emergency response to meet your the risk profile and emergency response requirements of your organisation.

ERT Teams | Providing at the scene incident response & provision of rescue at various specified site risks Level of response your organisation's needs

For industrial, manufacturing, chemical and process-based businesses, high-risk environments and COMAH sites, who have a requirement for on-site emergency response service provision, the level of response and investment required, will largely depend on the level of risk present within your environment and encountered by your employees, whilst understanding their daily tasks.

We can provide an experienced team of highly motivated personnel, who deeply care about the safety of you, your employees and will provide effective solutions to meet the safety needs of your organisation, whether to meet the requirements of a specific project or for a fixed period of time. Our ERT specialists will provide practical on-site support for those entering and working in hazardous environments.

HFR Solutions CIC are specialists in the delivery of on-site emergency response teams

With its roots very firmly embedded in the Fire and Rescue Service, the Working at Height/Confined Space Emergency Response Team offering provided by HFR Solutions CIC differs very much from anything available from any other provider in the country.

Whilst HFR Solutions CIC ensure full compliance with all aspects of Health & Safety legislation, the primary focus is on a proactive approach to ensure as far as practicable all incidents are prevented and as a result risk to personnel is mitigated accordingly. As with the Fire & Rescue Service we very much view the need to respond as a failure and as such whilst the level of emergency response provided by our teams is second to none, ERT we pride ourselves on this being very much a last resort. 

HFR Solutions CIC provides specialist advice, consultancy, support and training to some of the UK's leading regional and national organisations, who undertake work in hazardous environments such as confined spaces, hot works, at height or in water

If your organisation would like further details and insight into how our flexible emergency response and rescue teams and how can help support and meet your on-site emergency response requirement, please email further details or contact us today on 01482 398521.

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