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Preparing Your Fire Risk Assessment

Fire risk assessments provided by HFR Solutions CIC are undertaken by experienced and qualified Fire Risk Assessors using the methodology and guidance set out in PAS79 2012, which is a publicly available specification developed and published by the British Standards Institution (BSI).

The format of the documentation contained in PAS79 2012 is considered by the Chief Fire Officers’ Association (CFOA), to be one ideal format for recording significant findings of a suitable and sufficient fire risk assessment.

It is a qualitative assessment and is suitable for most premises and operating businesses ranging from offices, manufacturing sites, schools, care homes, hospitals and tenant properties.

What is the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005?

It replaces most fire safety legislation with one simple order. It means that any person who has some level of control in premises must take reasonable steps to reduce the risk from fire and make sure people can safely escape should there be an outbreak of fire.

What are the main rules under the order?

The following must be adhered too;

  • Carry out a fire-risk assessment identifying any possible dangers and risks
  • Consider who may be especially at risk
  • Remove or reduce the risk from fire as far as is reasonably possible and provide general fire precautions to deal with any possible remaining risk
  • Take other measures to sure there is protection, if flammable or explosive materials are used or stored
  • Create a plan to deal with any emergency and, in most cases, keep a record of your findings
  • Review your findings when necessary

Whether you need some advice on completing your Fire Risk Assessment or require a fire risk assessment company to discuss your needs with - contact HFR Solutions CIC

When Should Your Fire Risk Assessment By Reviewed?

The Fire Risk Assessment must be reviewed regularly and in particular re-examined if you suspect it is no longer valid, such as after a near miss, following a significant change to the level of risk in your premises or a change in the layout of your premises.

Reinforcing legalisation

A Fire Risk Assessment helps to support the Responsible Person from possible prosecution under current legislation.

HFR Solutions CIC Preparing Your Fire Risk Assessment - Peace of mind for your organisation

HFR Solutions CIC hold vast experience of preparing and developing fire risk assessments for a wide variety of organisations which is also taken for multiple business sectors. Our expertise in fire prevention and safety coupled with the capabilities of utilising the skills, knowledge and experience of Humberside Fire & Rescue Service (HFRS) ensures our Fire Risk Assessors are able to identify the level of fire risk relevant to your organisation and how this risk can be migitated for the safety of your employees and overall business.

Fire Risk Assessments undertaken by HFR Solutions CIC will help to;

  • Identify fire hazards in your premises
  • Identify people at risk
  • Assess the likelihood of fire
  • Determine existing fire safety measures in place
  • Determine additional fire safety measures that may be deemed necessary
  • Develop an action plan to reduce the risk
  • Assess the effectiveness of the management of fire safety

In addition to carrying out a fire risk assessment the Responsible Person must also:

  • Inform staff or their representatives about the identified risks
  • Put an action plan in place to tackle the identified risks
  • Maintain necessary fire safety measures
  • Eliminate or reduce the risks from dangerous substances
  • Prepare an emergency plan and test the plan using fire drills
  • Provide staff with appropriate training and fire safety instruction
  • Cooperate with other responsible persons sharing the same premises

Cost of a Fire Risk Assessment

Your Fire Risk Assessment will be prepared by one of our qualified assessors who will be working for you to ensure that your building is safe. Any work required to improve your existing fire safety measures, highlighted in the fire risk assessment, will be the most cost effective solution. At the end of the process our assessors will sit down with you and explain your Fire Risk Assessment, so that you can manage its contents in the future. You are buying reassurance and total peace of mind.

HFR Solutions Fire Risk Assessments are priced from as little as £295 exclusive of VAT.

Price can be effected by the size and use of the building.

Does your organisation require a Fire Risk Assessment undertaking?

To ensure all fire risk assessments undertaken by HFR Solutions CIC meet standards published by British Standards Institution (BSI), our team of fire safety experts will follow guidance set out in PAS79 2012. 

Please contact our offices today to see how we can support your organisation being safer.

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