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Advanced First Aid Courses

With the increased level of expectation placed on organisations to provide a standard of care and suitable first aid and medical provision that is bespoke, adequate and in roportion with the working environment they operate in, it has never been so paramount for your organisation to operate effective first aid procedures, employ a highly trained and designated First Aider and provide the right equipment.

Advanced First Aid & Medical Training – Has Your Organisation Started This Journey?

Various business sectors and organisations have started to place a higher level of importance on health and safety related issues such as First Aid provision. They have identified that Basic First Aid at Work training isn’t sufficient, for the level of risk their employees face and have recognised the need to commit to training their employees to an advanced level of first aid and also consider implementing site-specific medical solutions.

vRIOUHFR Solutions CIC Writes, Review & Tests Medical Standards & Processes

Advanced First Aid | HFR Solutions CIC delivers a range of accredited and advanced first aid training coursesThe Need For Advanced Medical & First Aid Training – Challenging Common Perceptions

We are challenging common perceptions on advanced medical rescues and first aid training providing delegates with increased levels of confidence, competency and skills in the administration of techniques such as:

  • Airway
  • Advanced wound management
  • Catastrophic bleeding control
  • Pain relief

HFR Solutions uses the skills, knowledge, resources, infrastructure and experience of Humberside Fire & Rescue Service (HFRS), front-line first responder experience and access to clinical governance and advanced medical and first aid equipment, we are able to support your organisation in implementing advanced first aid training and medical provision, whether through the delivery of advanced medical and first aid training or via developing and reviewing your existing medical procedures. 

Delivering specialised advanced medical training

Advanced first aid training | HFR Solutions CIC delivers advanced first aid courses - for delegates looking to increase their level of competency to an advanced levelAs a direct result of our specialist skills and vast insight into workplace safety, we have been able to provide access to advanced first aid rescue techniques and skills through the development of industry-specific medical and first aid training solutions such as:

URIECA (UK Remote Immediate Emergency Care Advanced)

It has been recognised that health and safety legislation and basic first aid training clearly don’t satisfy the requirements for workers, contractors and technicians operating in remote and offshore locations.

HFR Solutions CIC is one of the few training providers with the capabilities to deliver a 4 Day Advanced Trauma & First Aid Training Course, clinically governed by leading healthcare professionals. This allows our highly-experienced instructors to train your delegates to administer on-site pain relief and support the provision of medical equipment.

Advanced First Aid Training | Advanced Trauma Training - Remote & Offshore First Aid & Trauma TrainingThe course has been developed in conjunction with remote rescue specialists, pre-hospital care experts and those working in the renewable energy sector, to ensure that it is carefully tailored for those working in the most demanding environments.

Should an incident or accident occur where a casualty needs to be stabilised, receive first aid and pain relief, our advanced first aid training course delivers best practice training, helping to upskill your First Aider to an Advanced First Aider and increase their competence levels.

Immediate 1st Responder

Your delegates will be able to witness, experience and learn immediate 1st responder skills such as:

  • Handling a casualty up to the point of administering pain relief and medicine
  • Implementing advanced airway techniques
  • Applying advanced wound dressing
  • Using tourniquet kits
  • Administering CPR techniques

We deliver 1st Responder - Immediate & Advanced Training Courses - Part of our medical training courses we deliverAdvanced 1st Responder

Your delegates will be able to learn advanced 1st responder skills and techniques such as:

  • Administration of pain relief – with the necessary clinical governance
  • Observation skills
  • Cardiac arrest monitoring
  • Intraosseous Access

IEC Advanced Training Course

This specialised advanced IEC training course provides delegates with the option for clinical governance and is delivered using scenario-based training focusing on medical and trauma issues.


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