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Developing Medical Standards

Previously First Aid At Work Training Was Sufficient

Until recently, the HSE (Health & Safety Executive) approved, 3 day, ‘First Aid at Work’ training course was the accepted model for medical and first aid provision within an organisation. This standard would be applied in a generic fashion across each industry, no matter what the nature of their operation.

Medical Stanards - HFR Solutions writes, reviews & tests medical response plans

One Size – Doesn’t Fit All – When First Aid, Medical Provision And Response Is Concerned

First aid and medical provision were exactly the same no matter if you were working in an office environment -or employed as a port operative, operating heavy machinery in an extremely high-risk environment.

New Expectations – What Level Of First Aid And Medical Provision Is Suitable For Your Organisation?

Recently, however, the dissolution of these HSE standards has resulted in a new level of expectation placed with employers to ‘make a suitable provision for first aid, in proportion with the working environment.’

Is Your Organisation’s First Aid Training And Medical Provision Adequate For The Level Of Risk Your Employees Are Exposed To?

Organisations are now expected to provide a standard of care that is bespoke and adequate for the environment they operate in. In a standard office, with a normal spread of employees, CPR (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation), defibrillator and minor wounds training would be deemed sufficient.

Whereas for employees operating in business sectors such as heavy industry, the level of risk is far greater and therefore the expectation of predicted injuries rises exponentially. Employers are suddenly expected to plan for extreme crush injuries, major multiple traumas, injuries in locations of difficult access/egress. Indeed, with some 20,000 trauma injuries sustained on an annual basis, resulting in nearly 6,000 deaths, the expectation on employers to place a greater level of importance on first aid training and medical provision, and to predict and plan for these incidents has never been more important.

NCEPOD - Trauma Who Cares? 

Insufficient Medical & First Aid Provision | We can review your existing first aid provision & medical standards

Write, Review and Test Medical Standards

HFR Solutions CIC’s medical team holds the skills, experience and expertise to write, review and implement your medical procedures. Your existing procedures will be completely analysed from a medical perspective, as well as your existing capabilities for handling an onsite incident and the level of response you already have in place.

Medical Standards | HFR Solutions write, reviews and tests your medical response plans & standardsA Thorough Review Of Your Medical Procedures

This will incorporate reviewing the existing provision you have in place, identifying what might happen (credible scenarios), review of existing medical plans, evaluating your team’s training needs and identification of gaps. This process will largely depend on the type of environment you operate in, the level of risk and the types of rescues required.

This thorough review could include evaluating procedures such as:

  • Making a scene safe
  • Establishing what businesses processes need to be stopped and the level of urgency required
  • How this will affect your organisation’s normal daily processes
  • Helicopter landing area and facilities

HFR Solutions CIC – Front Line Response And Vast Experience

HFR Solutions CIC combines our vast experience and years of front line response in both the ambulance and fire and rescue service, together with decades of strategic and tactical emergency planning and risk management implementation, to deliver a complete bespoke medical response plan for your organisation, site and team of first aid responders.

Developing medical standards & processes | We write, review & test your medical plans and standardsWith our clinical governance faculty of leading Consultants, Doctors, Nurses and Paramedics, we are able to acutely understand the risks which affect your operational site and team. Through credible scenario planning, we can predict the injuries that may occur and provide a standard that is the most effective not just for the injured party, but for your organisation and your employees too.

This unravelled expertise in the development of medical standards and processes has been successfully applied for the benefit of various business sectors.

Click here to view how we developed medical standards and processes for one partner and what outcomes they witnessed.


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