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What Matters Most?

Working at height - with the perceived risk for undertaking work at height | What safe systems of work have you implemented To really ensure the safety of your workforce when working at height the implementation of safe systems of work is imperative. This requires prior consideration of the following points:

  • Has a competent person carried out a suitable and sufficient risk assessment?
  • Have we implemented safe systems of work?
  • Is the work going to be undertaken by an employee who is competent to undertake work at height?
  • Have we made sure personnel are suitably trained and competent against the level of risks for working at height?
  • Can the work be undertaken without the need for someone working at height?
  • Has a written rescue plan been produced (should there be the need to get the workers down)?
  • Who are trained to implement the rescue plan?
  • From safety harness testing & training, winch testing, to PPE equipment checks and working at height training - HFR Solutions training facilities, course delivery and instructors are unrivalled Is the equipment suitable and sufficient for the work to be undertaken at height?
  • Has the equipment been pre-checked?
  • Will they be undertaking this work alone, as a pair or as part of a team?

If your business is about to undertake a project that includes some work at height and you require some support, advice and consultancy on how you can undertake and successfully complete this work at height safely, please contact your working at height specialists – HFR Solutions CIC today.

We help to keep your workforce safe with the latest guidance on workplace safety and working at height regulations.