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Working at Height Infrastructure

Working at Height Training Facilities | HFR Solutions dedicated working at height training structure provides an ideal environment for your delegates to improve their at height skills   The HFR Solutions CIC purpose-built working at height infrastructure provides an unrivalled range of training facilities for your delegates, to improve their working at height competencies, increase confidence levels, practice scenario-based training and for undertaking rescue drills at height. Our facilities can accommodate delegates with little or no previous working at height experience as well as vastly experienced at-height workers.

Whether your working at height training requirement is at-height familiarisation, revalidation training, ladder training, rescue training, safe working procedures, safety harness testing and training, crane evacuation training or equipment familiarisation, our purpose-built working at height facilities ensures your delegates can undertake their tailored working at height training in versatile and ideal surroundings.

Indoor Work at Height training facilities | HFR Solutions purpose-built training facilities includes indoor ladders, gantry and lattice structure for work at height trainingHFR Solutions CIC indoor working at height facilities include:

  • Ladders (Five metre hooped and back-scratcher ladders)
  • Lettice work
  • Multi-purpose working at height gantry
  • Mezzanine level

HFR Solutions external working at height training facilities include:

  • Tower crane training facility
  • 18m working at height tower
  • 45m working at height aerial mast

Our multi-purpose working at height gantry provides a great facility for safety harness training and testing.

HFR Solutions has dedicated internal and external working at height training facilitiesOn-Site Working at Height Training Needs

We are also able to provide a seven-metre mobile working at height training facility to accommodate on-site working at height training needs.