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HFR Solutions CIC have made 13,037 People Safer


Total One-Stop-Shop Solutions for implementing safe systems of work in the aviation sector – industrial firefighting, tailored emergency preparedness, on-site teams and bespoke safety training

The aviation sector is a fast-paced environment providing a 24-hour service to domestic travellers and the commercial travel sector. It is an extremely diverse industry, with several sub-sectors all with bespoke training requirements. Airports, airlines, aircraft manufacturers, tour operators, baggage & cargo handling, air freight transport, search and rescue helicopter operations, retail operations, support teams and associated supply chain, all have a critical role to maintain efficient operations.

High levels of customer service and health and safety are key drivers for facilitating smooth internal processes. Maintaining robust security measures, and adhering to strict health and safety guidelines is of critical importance to this industry, to successfully transport passengers and cargo to their destinations.

Meeting these high expectations requires practical based training that simulates credible scenarios relative to the organisation and industry, so your workforce is better prepared to handle an incident or emergency, increasing their competency and skills base.

High-risk environments – Handling an on-site incident

Operations such as the transportation of highly flammable liquids and large passenger numbers dictate that especially airports and airlines, operate in potentially high-risk environments. Should an on-site incident or emergency occur, how quickly and efficiently your organisation responds may have a significant impact on your daily operations, public safety, ability to service customers, mitigating the impact on the local community and environment, any potential damage to buildings and assets as well as sustaining a positive brand perception?

The implications – how prepared is your organisation?

No matter if you are managing an airport or are working within the aviation industry issues such as those highlighted below are of critical importance to your organisation;

Are your current emergency response plans and procedures fit for purpose and workable?
Is your training relevant to your risks, but adaptable enough for the spectrum of scenarios?
Have your airport or airline employees received the highest levels of fire prevention and fire safety training which simulates real fire threats

Building & maintaining relationships within the aviation sector

Extensive experience of working in partnership with several leading aviation based organisations combined with unrivalled expertise in the delivery of bespoke firefighting and advanced methods of preparation for and prevention of operational incidents, has enabled HFR Solutions CIC to develop a dedicated menu of services to meet the unique requirements of the aviation sector.

HFR Solutions CIC - A-Z of services for the Aviation sector

The total one-stop shop from HFR Solutions CIC offers aviation operations a comprehensive range of solutions which includes – designated training courses such as – aviation firefighting (with a category 6 aircraft & helicopter simulator), cabin crew training, aircrew fire extinguisher training, entanglement training, aviation positive pressure ventilisation training, as well as incident command, emergency response planning and business resilience solutions.

We have delivered various elements of our end to end service provision to some leading organisations within the aviation sector.

On-site emergency response

Humberside Airport utilises our emergency response expertise and capabilities to manage their on-site rescue and firefighting Service.

Specialist aviation firefighting training and scenarios 

As a leading provider of aviation and industrial firefighting training for high-risk environments, we have been able to deliver specialist aviation firefighting training and First Aid – First on Scene training and practical simulations for leading industrial aviation services and national search and rescue providers.

This training covered training modules listed below and supports their operations and increases crew safety to and from their place of work.

CPR method
AED technique
Wound Management
Major Bleeds

Prevent skills decay in your workforce

What’s more, by choosing to partner with emergency response and industrial firefighting specialists HFR Solutions CIC, you can actively help prevent skill fade within your employees. It is well documented that without frequent training, skill fade occurs over time, making re-training essential to maintain safe working systems, best practice and improve competency levels.

Equip your workforce to perform under pressure 

Whether you require industrial firefighting and cabin crew training, on-site rescue teams, emergency response, business resilience, risk prevention, you can confidently incorporate safer systems of work for your employees, contractors and technicians with the guidance and experience of HFR Solutions CIC.

To be sure that your workforce maintains their competence levels and is able to deliver in the unique challenges of such a high-risk environment, they should contact HFR Solutions CIC today on 01482 398521 or email