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COMAH sites

Top tier and low tier COMAH sites and high-risk environments – HFR Solutions CIC total end to end solution for improving your emergency preparedness and response to on-site incidents

COMAH sites by their very nature of classification are sites where major accident hazards exist, particularly large quantities of dangerous substances can present a hazardous environment to work in. Employers operating on a COMAH site, work in high-risk operational environments so therefore, have a duty of care to their workforce, the environment and local community.

COMAH Regulations and your organisation

The main aim is to prevent and mitigate the effects of those major accidents involving dangerous substances, such as chlorine, liquefied petroleum gas, explosives and arsenic pentoxide which can cause serious damage/harm to people, an organisation’s infrastructure and the environment. Business sectors such as chemical, petrochemical, heavy industries, storage activities, nuclear sites and various other industries will be affected, where the threshold level of dangerous substances identified in the regulations are kept or used.

COMAH Sites - Top Tier & Low Tier - HFR Solutions CIC delivers an end to end emergency response planning solutionTop tier or lower tier COMAH Sites – HFR Solutions CIC is committed to helping improve the emergency procedures and emergency response planning

Top tier COMAH sites

Have to produce a safety report that provides evidence and information clearly demonstrating that all measures necessary have been covered for the prevention and mitigation of major accidents. This safety report will also include all the information that lower-tier operators include within their MAPPs document.

Lower tier COMAH Sites

Have to prepare a document setting out their policy for preventing major incidents and accidents (Major Accident Prevention Policy - MAPP). This document will also include a summary and reference to their organisation’s safety management system, which will be used for putting the policy in place. HFR Solutions CIC is fully committed to assisting businesses with a COMAH status implement emergency plans, safety interventions, risk prevention measures and safer systems of work to help prevent major accidents from occurring in the first place. This will limit the consequences to people and the environment should a major accident occur.  

On-site Emergency response, incident command and safety training

It is paramount for any COMAH site to operate and maintain extremely high levels of health and safety in all internal processes. Meeting these high standards requires practical based training that simulates credible scenarios that could occur on-site and are relative to their operation and industry, Therefore helping a workforce and organisation become better prepared to handle an on-site incident or emergency.  

Emergency Preparedness – How well prepared is your COMAH site?

If your organisation operates in a high-risk environment such as a COMAH site your considerations should cover issues such as;

  • Are all the possible risks accurately reflected in our plans?
  • How prepared is our organisation for handling an on-site incident or emergency?
  • Are our current emergency response plans and procedures workable and fit for purpose?
  • Is the training relevant to our risks, but adaptable enough for the spectrum of scenarios?

COMAH Sites - Make sure your emergency & incident response levels are suitable for the risks & safety training is a regular element of staf developmentHFR Solutions CIC - Your Ideal partner for organisations who operate in high-risk environments

HFR Solutions CIC holds long-standing partnerships with several COMAH sites, providing their emergency response solutions (whether through the deployment of on-site safety teams, safety intervention initiatives and bespoke training) with positive outcomes and results. In our unique position of utilising the skills, knowledge and experience of Humberside Fire & Rescue Services (HFRS) and our vast experience in advanced methods of preparation for and prevention of operational incidents, HFR Solutions CIC works closely with various COMAH sites, to increase their emergency preparedness, training their on-site incident commanders or site maintenance controllers to build skills, confidence levels and increase their competency for handling an on-site incident and emergency. 

Emergency & Incident Response for your COMAH site – but much more

Our total one-stop shop incident management and emergency response solution have resulted in the delivery of various service elements to numerous COMAH sites throughout the UK. This complete service provision also includes deploying specialist on-site safety teams, for organisation’s who undertake work at height, in confined space and water or require a higher level of rescue or medical training as well as implementing various safety intervention measures such as risk assessments, safety reporting, evacuation plans and bespoke safety training.

COMAH Sites - Top Tier & Low Tier COMAH Sites - HFR Solutions Emergency Response & On-Site Emergency Response Provision Will Help To Tackle Incidents

Write, Review & Test Your Emergency Response Plans at a low-tier COMAH sites

We have recently been requested to write, review and test the emergency response plans for a low-tier COMAH site, which operates in a high-risk environment. Through our extensive background in emergency response, contingency planning and risk prevention, we were able to identify all the credible scenarios and on-site hazards as well as delivering effective emergency response for on-site incident management.

Equip your workforce to perform under pressure 

Whether you require on-site safety team, a specialist to write or review your emergency response plans or in need of some emergency and incident response safety training, you can rely on the capabilities and advice provided by HFR Solutions CIC.

For complete peace of mind, that your team are following safe and best practice working processes and are fully prepared and able to handle any on-site incidents, please contact HFR Solutions CIC on 01482 398521 or email to discuss your emergency response planning requirements in further detail.

Who enforces COMAH?

  • In England – the Health & Safety Executive and the Environment Agency
  • In Scotland - the Health & Safety Executive and the Scottish Environment Protection Agency