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HFR Solutions CIC have made 13,037 People Safer


Organisations operating with the industrial can often find themselves heavily regulated.

Our total one-stop shop incident management, emergency response, fire safety solutions and unrivalled workplace and safety training have resulted in the delivery of various service elements to numerous businesses operating in various industrial markets such as the listed below, based throughout the Humber, Lincolnshire and Yorkshire regions as well as the UK:

  • Steel production
  • mining and quarries
  • Aggregates,
  • Polymers and
  • Paint manufacturers 

Our complete service provision also includes deploying specialist on-site safety and rescue teams all year or for a fixed time period, for organisation's who undertake work with the following risks - work at height, in confined space and water or require a higher level of rescue or medical training as well as implementing various safety intervention measures such as risk assessments, safety reporting, evacuation plans and bespoke safety training.