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HFR Solutions CIC have made 13,037 People Safer


One-Stop-Shop solutions for implementing safe systems of work in the wind energy and renewable sectors – tailored emergency preparedness, specialist safety and advanced rescue training

We appreciate the diverse requirements for organisations operating within the renewables sector. Challenging environments, differing training needs, the importance of maintaining the highest levels of health and safety, operating safe systems of work and increased emergency response times all result in the need for a training partner with the competency, expertise, facilities and understanding to meet your requirements. 

  • Are your current emergency response plans and procedures fit for purpose and workable?
  • In the event of an incident on a high-risk, remote location, how prepared is your workforce?

HFR Solutions CIC Complimentary White Paper - How to prepare for an emergency on a wind farm

HFR Solutions White Paper - How to prepare for an emergency on a wind farm

This comprehensive White Paper provides a complete overview of wind farm emergency preparation, highlighting the practical steps required and covering key topics such as;

  • How well prepared is your organisation?
  • Where do you begin when developing an emergency response plan?
  • Reviewing your status
  • How to choose the right specialist emergency response support
  • What to expect from your review

These are just some of the questions which are consistently challenging organisations operating in wind energy and renewables, which can be easily addressed with our unique end-to-end service.

Working in partnership with the renewables sector – backed by vast sector expertise

Extensive experience of working in partnership with many leading organisations from the wind energy and renewables industry combined with unrivalled expertise in the development of advanced methods of preparation for and prevention of operational incidents has enabled HFR Solutions CIC to develop a dedicated menu of services to meet some of the unique requirements of the renewables sector.

This end to end solution offers renewable and offshore wind operators a comprehensive range of services which includes - reviewing emergency response procedures and plans, writing and testing

emergency response plans, undertaking fire risk assessments at offshore locations, advanced rescue training and medicine in remote area training, delivering safety training including GWO/RUK accredited courses as well as undertaking offshore exercises, hub rescue training and equipment familiarisation.

Select from our comprehensive services, according to your needs

Your organisation will have the flexibility to select one or various elements that are relevant to the identified risks to your operating environment and we will tailor our services to make your offshore and onshore locations a safer place to work;


HFR Solution CIC’s background of servicing the diverse needs of renewable operators

We have already delivered several elements of these services to various renewables organisations. Centrica deployed our expertise to review their existing emergency response procedures and plans at their offshore wind turbines and during this process, we identified each of their offshore wind locations had differing emergency response procedures. As a result, an aligned and consistent emergency response plan was developed for all their operating sites, all processes meet legal compliance and a dedicated turbine fire risk assessment was implemented.

First to identify all the credible scenarios at an offshore wind turbine

We were also one of the first organisations in the UK to identify all the credible scenarios and undertake a fire risk assessment at an offshore wind turbine.

GWO & RUK accredited training

As a GWO & RUK accredited training provider, we deliver all five facets of GWO and RUK training standards for contractors who need to achieve this accreditation to undertake work at an offshore location. Renewable operators such as Ecotricity – the first green energy company, need to train all their technicians to these standards and maintain competency levels.

Immediate emergency care & advanced trauma & first aid training for offshore & remote workers

We are one of few training providers to deliver a specialist four-day immediate emergency care and advanced trauma and first aid training course, clinically-governed by leading healthcare professionals. This specialist advanced first aid training course has been developed in conjunction with Centrica and Trauma Resuscitation Services Ltd, for organisations operating in remote and offshore locations, in response to heightened risk for offshore workers with the vast distance between shore and wind turbines.

Prevent skills fade in your workforce

What’s more, by choosing to work with HFR Solutions CIC on an ongoing basis you can actively help prevent skills fade within your workforce. It is well documented that without frequent and regular training, skill decay occurs over time, making re-training essential to maintain best practice and improve skills and competency.

Our end to end service provision also includes aptitude testing and fitness screening, which has been utilised by a leading renewables operator as part of their recruitment process.

Equip your workforce to perform under pressure 

Whether you require emergency response, business resilience, risk prevention, advanced safety training, immediate emergency care training or GWO/RUK training you can confidently incorporate safer systems of work for your employees, contractors and technicians with the guidance, experience and expertise of HFR Solutions CIC.

To be sure that your workforce performs under pressure when faced with the unique challenges of the high-risk environment they work in talk to us today.

Simply email or call 01482 398521.