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HFR Solutions CIC have made 13,037 People Safer


HFR Solutions CIC Overall Service Portfolio

HFR Solutions Expertise In Reviewing Emergency Planning & Writing Emergenc y Response PlansHFR Solutions CIC works with organisations from various industrial sectors, offering a complete emergency response planning and risk assessment service, supported by bespoke safety training, safety intervention and total risk management solutions and if required, an on-site emergency response team to established and emerging industry.

Our service portfolio comprises of the following different services, which include;

Emergency Response Planning, Business Resilience & Contingency Plans

Emergency Response Planning | We Test Your Organisation's Emergency Prepardness To See If It Fit For Purpose

The full end-to-end service provision entails reviewing a client’s existing emergency response procedures, business resilience and contingency plans and due to our background, expertise and knowledge within incident response and rescue, we are able to review and test your existing emergency plans, identify gaps, provide a comprehensive report on the findings and if required undertake a tailored organisational risk assessment for mitigating any identified risks.

This process will allow our specialist instructors to develop a competency framework to help your business implement safer systems and processes of work. Clients can also employ our services to deliver the high-quality bespoke safety training, safety interventions or an emergency response level required to make your organisation a safer place to work for your employees.